Karla Stefania Del Campo Montenegro, is a Colombian model who also works in the professional world as an actress, communicator and social-journalist, with extensive experience as a photographic model, glamour, events, presentation, and performing arts, among others.

Karla has worked as a model for recognized companies in Colombia and United States. In addition, she loves to exercise, take care of her physical and mind and also offers services as a coach for personal fitness.

She was also chosen among participants in a beauty contest Latin America, where she stood out as a favorite in the contest and won great approval from the audience.

Karla has complemented her career of modeling with the performing arts, music and dance; she has skills and attitudes of a comprehensive and proactive person, who’s main motivation is to collaborate to society with all that she can bring from her profession for the artistic development of her country and the growth of the scene at the national and international level, her long-haul in the world of modeling makes her live her profession with a unique sense of belonging, that seeks to entertain the demanding public with facets that lead to creativity and which are needed to interpret all and each one of the services that can offer as a profesional.

This model has good handling of the English language, great speaking skills, team work, enterprising, cheerful, spontaneous and sensual. Her favorite hobbies are travel and learning about different cultures in all corners of the world. At her young age, she’s had the privilege of travelling more than 20 countries such as: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, United States, Panama, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Spain, Paris, London, Bermuda, Germany, among others.

At the academic level this young Bogotan girl said her taste for research and presentation, from childhood leads the adventure in the blood, in her favorite sports include swimming, diving, where particualrmente enjoys this activity by her love of the aquatic world and respect for animals and nature. Also practice paragliding, azadelta and among other extreme sports and participated in volunteer’s rescue of the armed forces of Colombia.

Karla is a multi-faceted, determined and dedicated to her work, responsible and committed. She manages a professional profile very immeasurably young, athletic, outgoing and projects her lifestyle as an enterprising woman.

If you want the opportunity to contact to Karla to work with your agency in any of the fields previously mentioned, with preferences in the modeling, acting/performance, presentation, or participation in contests related to her long experience can contact her here.